Thanks to producer Richard Krantz, you can see a short,

4-minute video of our work in humanitarian de-mining.  

UPDATE:  We have now provided 212 donated detectors 

[and are as proud as Quakers are allowed to be].  

Thank you to all of our friends who have helped along

the years.  The struggle continues -- with success!

​​​​What you should know about donated mine detectors:
     “De-mining” means much more than clearing landmines.

During every armed conflict some percentage of explosive

ordnance remains unexploded -- or just left behind -- and can

continue to be fatal to civilians, including aid workers, sometimes

for years.
     When we purchase magnetic locators, the manufacturer
matches each donated unit and, according to priorities from the

United Nations, ships them to countries where humanitarian de-mining is most needed and not otherwise possible. There, trained local teams find and clear explosive remnants of war such as cluster bombs, grenades, and mortar shells, as well as land-mines. More than 600 donated units are currently at work in twenty-eight countries.
        Currently, locators manufactured by Schonstedt Instruments and intended for the UN are priced at $1041. Woodstown Monthly Meeting continues to serve as a clearinghouse for individual donations of any size, which we are happy to acknowledge as a contribution to our ongoing ministry in this area. You may mail a check to

     Woodstown Monthly Meeting                                                                                                    

     PO Box 13

     WOODSTOWN  NJ  08098        

     Please put "De-mining" in the memo line.                                

You can learn more about Humanitarian De-mining by clicking

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LINK to the Mines Advisory Group [MAG] website  

[l-r]  Stanley Brown, of the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, with Jack Mahon and Frank Lenik, in Washington D.C., when Woodstown Meeting was recognized by the State Department for supplying over 100 detectors to parts of the world where clearance of explosive remnants of war [ERW] would not otherwise be possible.

Direct email to   woodstownmm(AT)gmail(DOT)comwith "De-mining" in the subject line


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