​​​​What are Quaker’s / Friends:
A Quaker meeting is many things.  First and foremost, it is a faith community, a church,
if that helps

understanding.  People who visit or associate with a Quaker community gather for worship, to conduct

business, share fellowship, and to manifest Quaker leadings in the world.  Generally, these

gatherings are called meetings.  This is not to be confused with any building in which Quakers gather,

although it is common parlance to call such a building a meeting house.

What's a Meeting for Worship

Quaker Meeting, also called Meeting for Worship, is where Friends come together to gather in silence

and obedience to the spirit, in order to be led by the spirit.  When so led, Friends may stand and

speak during Meeting.   A traditional Quaker belief is everyone has "that of God" inside, and anyone's

inner light and spirit can be shown.  Watching some of the videos on the HOME page may be a help.

What’s the dress code?
In a Friends Meeting for Worship, you will see a variety of styles of dress.  Clean is good.

Beyond that, you should be comfortable and feel comfortable. You will see blue jeans and pressed suits;

dresses and slacks. Someone might be doing an art project with children and will dress accordingly. 

Southern New Jersey is quite warm in the summer, so shorts or sandals might be in order.  

In the end, this is not something with which to be overly concerned.

Are Quakers Christians?

Yes, or maybe no. The tradition of Friends [Quakers] is firmly rooted in the bible. Yet, we have nothing like a dogma or creed.  When someone enters a Friends meeting, they are not asked about what they believe.  Questions about heaven and hell, the incarnation, atonement, the resurrection are still there to be examined.  Quakers are less interested in what someone believes than in "what do you know?"  In other words, lets talk about the imminent and direct communication with the God that we know?

From time to time Friends have renewed their understanding of some guiding principles to help live in way that best exemplifies a “Quaker” life. In the twenty-first century Friends have come to organize their thinking with the acronym
Simplicity,   Peace,   Integrity,   Community,   Equality,   Stewardship

Can I get more information?

Sure, first, feel free to ask anyone in the Meetinghouse.  [Warning: you may find a variety of answers!]  But, if you want something slightly more definitive, you may wish to read sections of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice.