Friends, or Quakers, have traditionally referred to the days of the week by number. Thus, Sunday was "First Day." While most of this custom has fallen away, Sunday School is still called First Day School.  Ours begins at 9:15 am, Sundays.

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the Quakers!

    If you are wondering what God may be, looking for purpose in life, craving company, or seeking solitude, come to our Meeting for Worship.


    We shall not ask you to speak or sing;  we shall not ask you what you believe;​  we shall simply offer you our friendship and a chance to sit quietly.

    And perhaps someone will speak, and perhaps someone will read, and perhaps someone will pray, and perhaps you will find here that which you are seeking.

    We are not saints; we are not cranks; we are not different ...

​Except that we believe that God's light is in everyone,

waiting to be discovered.

​​Woodstown ​
Monthly Meeting
of Friends

Quaker Speak videos present nifty information of interest to Quakers -- and others!  During the first four weeks of April we'll post a short Quaker Speak video each day.             Now... Wednesday, the 17th:

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