​               Events in APRIL

  7th - Meeting for Business, 9:15

 14th - Fellowship Breakfast, 9:15

         - Music at Friends, Jackson Pines

 21st - Adult Sunday School,

           Jesus Christ Superstar, 9:15

 28th - Superstar, continued, ​9:15

                Events in MAY

  4th - Salem County Historical Tour, 12-4pm

​  5th - Meeting for Business, 9:15​​

Friends, or Quakers, have traditionally referred to the days of the week by number. Thus, Sunday was "First Day."  While most of this custom has fallen away, Sunday School is still called First Day School.  Ours begins at 9:15 am on designated Sundays.

The Salem Oak stood for over 500 years.  Now a sapling that started from one of its acorns is planted in our yard.  See more...

​​Woodstown  ​Monthly

Meeting  of  Friends

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