Monthly Meeting for business, held Sunday 6 October opened at 9:15am with silent worship led by Clerk Kahlil Gunther. Thirteen Friends were present. 
Treasurer’s Report: Jack Mahon gave a report of the Meeting’s finances.  It is anticipated that more member donations will be received this fall, as donations to the Collector were quite low during the summer months. Jack also reported on recent correspondence that included thank you letters from three recipients of scholarship aid. There was also a press release from Schonstedt, which the clerk read aloud, highlighting demining efforts in Somalia, and mentioning Woodstown Friends Meeting’s contribution. 
Committee Reports:
Property and Finance: As follow-up to the last meeting for business, the candles in the windows are being replaced with ones that are LED, battery powered, and programmable.  Glass in some of the Annex windows has been re-glazed and windows painted. A smoke detector has been installed in the kitchen, but we still need to check other alarms and detectors.  The boilers are due to be serviced and that is in process. However, the heat seems to be working. Since it takes several hours to heat up the Meetinghouse, it was suggested that First Day School meet in the small meeting room which would allow for the Main Meetinghouse area to heat up in time for Meeting for Worship. This would shave a few hours off of the heating up process and be a saving. 
   Marie Haaf requested to have hymns sung at First Day School from time to time.  It was thought that people who like to sing do so before First Day School, but everyone seemed agreeable to sing a hymn once in a while. at Meeting for Worship. 
     Chris Mahon said that she and Jack had weeded the atrium area. How can we pay more attention to that small outdoor area?  It was suggested that the garden be one with minimal to no maintenance. Perhaps it should be merely a stone garden. 
     There are some things that need attention, according to Trish DeCinque, particularly a window in the room that the ladder goes to, which needs closing.  Fans have been stored for the winter, and other stuff has been cleaned out. This note from Trish: “... old sweeper hoses were in closet in back of meeting house.   I put them in a box…they are now stored in the kitchen where the brown refrigerator is located.   I think probably trash. They have  been in the closet for many years.   Though the power nozzle  sweeper part could go back to Mr Sew-Vac [in Pitman].” Worship/Ministry/Education:  Chris reported that the Committee met at the end of summer and will meet again in November.  They are concerned that attendance at Meeting for Worship continues to be low. The average is 13-15 members, with several coming from Friends Village. PYM is developing a “self-portrait” of each Meeting. The Clerk read from the Quaker Self-Portrait letter from PYM describing its purpose.  We are requested to count attendance in November as well as include profiles of individual members. This survey, however, will take place ​

over the next few months. Kahlil will respond to the request and will be the contact person for this project.  They are also requesting attendance data and photos. There was a discussion of how to complete the PYM questionnaire and give info about our Strawberry Supper and Music At Friends.  Maybe we should take a photo of Meeting for Worship on Nov 24th Thanksgiving Meeting, when more members might be in attendance, along with the 2nd Sunday in November’s First Day School.
     Meeting for Worship at Friends Village has been scheduled to the New Year, but there has been no change in what Sunday of the month it should take place. For now it remains the first and third Sundays of the month. 
      Chris would like to step down as Clerk of the Worship/Ministry/Education Committee.   Who will step up ?
     Kahlil will make a calendar of the Fall Schedule and share with everyone. It will include Pot Luck schedule for December, March, June and September.  The recent Potluck Supper was fun and delicious, though only a few people gathered. It was decided to have a Pot Luck Brunch once every quarter, the First Sunday in the same month as Quarterly meeting. The first scheduled one would be 1 December at 11:30am.
The calendar will include First Day topics and leaders.  It will also include upcoming Music at Friends concerts.
     Christmas Program , 22 December – We will discuss the Christmas tree at the next Meeting for Business.  There was a discussion about whether to stage a tableau or not - since there are no children to participate.  Terry Ragone said she would help prepare a program with telling the Christmas story with Bible passages and Carols.  Kahlil will forward previous year’s programs to her. Sally Crane will organize the program for Christmas Eve. 
Other:  Sally said today is “World Quaker Day” and there would be a program on WHYY-TV at 6PM, a documentary  “The Quiet Revolutionaries.” She mentioned a documentary available to watch on Amazon: “Quakers – That of God In Everyone.”   
     20 November,  there will be program with a re-enactor about Cornelia Hancock, Civil War Nurse, at Friends Village, sponsored by the Woodstown Historical Society. 
     Woodstown Candlelight Tour is Friday 6 December.  We need members to host in the Meetinghouse if people come by for coffee and music.   There has been a request to display artwork organized by Salem artist, Dana Gaynor. It was agreed to permit the display and Jack would oversee the installation. 
     Music at Friends is seeking musical performers for 2020. Please contact Kahlil with suggestions. 
    Quarterly Meeting will be held at Woodstown in March. The tentative program will be the QuakerSpeak video project, presented by Jon Watts.
The meeting closed with silent worship.
Submitted by Terry Fox Ragone,   Recording Clerk