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      Meeting for Business, held Sunday 2  February 2020 opened at 9:15AM with a moment of silent worship. Clerk Sally Crane, presiding. There were eleven members present.  Minutes from January’s Meeting for Business had been posted on the WMM website. There were no corrections
Treasurer’s Report was distributed.  December collections were $2500. 
Nominating Committee: We reviewed the list of Committee members, which was also distributed.  It was noted again that any WMM Friend may attend any of a committee’s meetings.  It would be good if everyone would be notified when committee meetings are scheduled.  
Property and Finance:  Doug Prater is going to further research the replacing of the boiler. It will have to be replaced.  The Committee is considering changing to natural gas. There was an inspection in January and during the inspection there was water on the basement floor.  Joseph Hart, Inc has provided service in the past. They fixed the leak but more extensive work is needed. The Property and Finance Committee will take up considering connecting to gas service.  There may be a line already in ground, but it may have to be replaced. The water heater should be replaced also, since that is currently run by oil. It was agreed that it should be replaced and converted to gas.  Charlie Haaf distributed estimates comparing repairing oil fired boilers with other conversions to gas. The total cost for conversion is approximately $26,000. There was a discussion about getting any remaining oil after conversion removed or recycled.  Water heater, too, could eventually be converted from fuel oil to electric [or gas?]. We remotely contacted Jack Mahon about available funds to support conversion. He said yes, it can be worked out. So it was agreed to go forward with replacing boilers and, eventually, the water heater.
      The Annex will be used the afternoon of February 8, 4-6PM for a gathering of the Buechler family, post memorial  services elsewhere, for Hannah Mae (Grier) Buechler. 
Oversight:  Mike Ayers  and Jeff Gibson will visit Sophie Ragone and Brad Gibson  who have requested becoming members of the Meeting. 

​      Martha Battisti, Recorder, will be checking contact information on each member.  She would like to add birthdays. Everyone thought that was a nice idea. It was discussed that young people graduating 8th grade or High School used to get a copy of Faith and Practice or an inspiring book.  That is a discussion for Worship and Ministry Committee to take up, but everyone agreed we should keep up that kind of milestone acknowledgement for young Friends. 
      Warren Richman and his son Walter, who is recuperating from a car accident, are both at Carney’s Point Care rehabilitation facility.
Peace & Social Justice:  Donna Gibson reported that Anita Thompson, who is still living in sanctuary in Philadelphia, said that her son is doing so well in his new school. She wanted Woodstown Friends to know how their support has changed her son’s life. The Meeting is assisting with paying tuition to the independent school he is now attending. 

New Business:  A flyer will go out for Quarterly Meeting to be held here on 8 March. There will be a sign up sheet for contributing food for hospitality for that meeting.
    It was recommended to listen to writer Marcelle Martin which is live-streaming on Pendle Hill’s website.  There are also other talks of interest posted on the site. 
There are also interesting talks going on at Friends Village.  One in May will be on the local Underground Railroad. 
      A Young Life fundraiser will be held in the Annex, April 23. 
     It was reported that Nerf guns were being shot in the Meetinghouse during the recent rental by Mystic Realms.  It was agreed that this should be addressed, as it was inappropriate. 
 NOTE:  Trump Administration has recently overturned the current usage of landmines.  The Meeting notes that this is in direct opposition to our continuing efforts to rid the world of this destructive menace to civil populations everywhere. 
       Meeting closed with a moment of silent worship. 
       Submitted by Terry Fox Ragone