MARCH  2020

      Monthly Meeting for Business, held Sunday 1 March 2020  opened with a short period of worship, clerk Sally Crane presiding.  There were sixteen members present. Notes from February’s meeting were approved as they had been posted on the website.  Jack Mahon presented the Treasurer’s report. The largest expense was for our yearly meeting covenant.
Committee Reports
Property & Finance:  Jack reported that there has been no action on boiler repairs, which were approved at the last meeting for business.  Charlie Haaf said all the paperwork has been submitted to the gas company. Since Rte 45 is a state highway there will be some delay in obtaining permits for digging. The plumber may install the boilers this week.  But the line will still have to be connected by the gas company. The Committee will meet again on Thursday 5 March at 7PM. 
Worship, Ministry and Education:  Chris Mahon called for a meeting on Sunday 22 March at the rise of meeting at 11:30am to plan for Easter.  They will be looking for program ideas for Meeting for Worship and social time after.   Will there be an egg hunt this year?
     There was a question about whether any further decision had been made on the distribution of books to graduates.  Chris said that could also be on the agenda of their meeting on the 22nd.
     Sally said she would place all committee meeting times on the Calendar.   It was suggested that rentals by outside groups also be on the calendar, so Trish would be aware of those events.  A printout of the monthly calendar will be displayed in the kitchen.
Oversight: Sally said the Committee will be meeting in April to consider benevolences.    Jeff Gibson and Mike Ayers met with Sophie Ragone and Brad Gibson and recommended them for membership.  It was nice to see Sophie at meeting for worship recently. 
Easter flowers will be given to Friends Village residents and possibly some other Friends.
Peace & Social Justice:   Donna Gibson was away so her report was read to the meeting.  She thanked everyone for their contributions for Timmy Thompson’s birthday gifts, which included a basketball, a gift card, and a book.   Thanks to the sewing group for their “magnificent” baby quilts which Donna delivered to the Southwest Health Center in Philadelphia.
Outreach: Are we sending out birthday cards?  Martha Battisti said she would take that on for their next meeting.
Music at Friends:  Concerts are coming up. Sunday 15 March is the first: Bethlehem and Sad Patrick.  It is already on the Meeting calendar.  
Salem Quarterly Meeting will be held here on March 8.  Gloria Horvay will be the recording  secretary.  Dawn Boughal will do childcare.  There is a sign-up sheet for soups and bread.  There will be vegan and vegetarian offerings, as well.   Martin Kelly, editor of Friends Journal will speak at 9:30.

Strawberry Supper: Marie Haaf reported that a planning meeting was held.  Salad dressing will be made on May 9. Sign-up sheets are on line, so please sign up for prep and working the day of the supper, 16 May.
Chicken will be provided locally at a low price.  Marie said, “We make the best chicken salad in the county.”  A local bakery will also bake rolls for us. However they are closing after this year, so we will be on the look-out for new suppliers next year. 
    Tickets prices will go up $1 for adults and takeout.  Takeout is gaining in popularity. There was a reminder that we will be asking young people to volunteer for serving.  YL and Scouts may be sources.
     It was suggested that someone should announce the supper at Quarterly Meeting and Salem’s supper in April.  It was also suggested that posters for the supper and Music at Friends be posted around town as well.   
PYM:  Gail Scuderi said she had received a phone call from PYM, concerning whether we had turned in our assessment in the “health of the meeting” questionnaire.  Chris said she had sent in the “portrait of the meeting” but not sure about other questionnaires. They would try to find out where it was or who might be working on it.    There was a reminder that Continuing Sessions are scheduled for the end of March at Westown School. Please check the PYM website.
New  Business: 
     There was an important discussion how items and events can get posted on the Woodstown Meeting’s website and members accessed by email.  What about events not directly connected to the Meeting? For example Woodstown HS’s recent musical? Members do not advertise personal or professional things on our website, i.e. selling a house or advertising a business or service.  We need to set a policy around this. Woodstown Monthly Meeting website is for our Meeting community, but also it is our public informational face.  
     All membership emails should be blind copied and be sent as a “reply to all.”  We need to keep our list within our control by bcc:ing everyone. In-house email is essential to serve our membership.   It was decided to have an ad hoc meeting around this issue.   Our members’ privacy needs to be protected. 
Other business
Thanks to Martha and Dan Battisti for lunch today.  Beautifully set-up. Everyone is invited to lunch at the rise of meeting.
     Sally Crane shared her brother’s emotional experience in Cambodia where he met survivors of land mines from the Pol Pot regime. De-mining work is still very important.

Meeting closed with silent worship.
Submitted by Terry Fox Ragone,  Recording Clerk