We have received a letter from Lancaster Monthly Meeting expressing concern about Christian Nationalism, which does not allow for free and full expression of Christianity in all its diversity.   It was felt that all meetings make a statement and contact legislators about the restrictive doctrine of Christian Nationalism, which opposes secular democracy. 

FCNL Update:  fcnl.org  Dan Battisti distributed an informational sheet on the Friends Committee for National Legislation’s recent activities.  Much of it was concerned about the upcoming elections.  We must vote.  Dan also urged everyone to take a look at the website  responsiblestatecraft.org.   
     There continues to be a discussion on how to take action about creating peace in Ukraine.  FCNL has a statement of the peace testimony and the Ukraine. 
   Bob Trice from FCNL will come to Quarterly Meeting at Woodstown in March.  There will be a preliminary organizational meeting via zoom in January.  

Music At Friends:  Rob Roy Duo will be today at 4PM.

New Business:
Sewing Group:  Sally Sakewicz said that the sewing group is still not meeting, but hopefully will start up soon. 

The Clerk has asked committee clerks to give a brief annual report – in January - of their activities in 2022.  This will serve as an archive of our Meeting.  It was noted that hearing all the things and activities that members do and take care of during the year is impressive and “educational.” 

Sally Crane noted that the upstairs and nursery rooms have been cleaned out and organized.  Thank you to Martha and everyone who made that happen.  It was a quite an undertaking.  It was noted that there is a new Santa costume, pageant costumes, and complete sets of Christmas decorations, including 10,000 Village ornaments.  There was a question if there  would be a Christmas tree this year?  This will be discussed at the next Worship & Ministry meeting.

The clerk shared a Philadelphia Inquirer article about prayer.  In reference to praying for sports teams…  There is a common emotion and joy that connects everyone in crowds.  Is that the Holy Spirit ?   There was a short discussion about drumming and music as another way people connect. 

Gail Scuderi shared that she is working on a project making a mosaic at Burlington Meetinghouse – the focus is on the Underground Railroad.  

Friends School Mullica Hill’s old Cope Building has been sold but is still in limbo in terms of preservation.   A developer would like to renovate or re-construct as apartments.

Notes submitted by Terry Fox Ragone

November 2022

     Meeting for Business, held Sunday 6 November 2022 was opened at 9:15 with a short moment of silent worship by clerk Sally Crane.  There were sixteen Friends in attendance.  Minutes from the October Meeting for Business have been posted on the WMM website and were approved as such.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jack Mahon distributed October’s monthly financial report.  The month end balance, after expenses, looks ok; finishing at approximately the amount we started October with. Shonstedt  sent a thank you for our continued support of their demining efforts.  They included snapshots of metal-detectors being used in Afghanistan.

Committee Reports:
Recorder:  Martha Battisti  reported that birthday cards were mailed out.  The new directory will be finished by the end of next week and go to print after that.  

Nominating:  Sally reported that nominees for committees will be ready for review at next month’s meeting for business. 

Outreach:  Martha and Marie Haaf commented on Outreach.   The Woodstown By Candlelight Tour will be Friday 2 December from  4-9PM.  Marie hopes that we get some visitors since there’s so much going on, including train rides.   The Meetinghouse is listed in the tour booklet for free parking and restrooms, but we will also have music and our free trade goods for sale.  The Meetinghouse will be decorated for Christmas, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.   Sally expressed thanks to those who have greeted visitors last week.

Property & Finance:  The Garden Club continues to meet in the Annex. 
Concrete near the “Welcome” doors needed repair so Charlie Haaf took care of that.  Various faucets still need replacing but the committee has not met yet to discuss that.

Worship, Ministry & Education:  Sally Crane said the Committee will meet the week after Thanksgiving. The agenda will  include First Day School programs and planning for Christmas Meeting for Worship. 

Pastoral Care:  Jeff Gibson said the Committee is planning a program for the Sunday before Thanksgiving.     
Dana Houghton’s memorial service at Kendall was well attended. Hospitality:  Marie reminded members to please bring “goodies” to share at the rise of meeting for Thanksgiving Meeting.  Cider, coffee and tea will be provided.   It was noted that we now have a Keurig maker and we should use our fair trade coffee.

Peace & Social Justice:  The Meeting was able to send another  $1,041 to Shonstedt.   This is due in part to donors far and wide – and locally –  who have continued their giving.   Selling our free trade products adds to contributions.  An article in Friends Journal also has raised awareness of this de-mining effort.  There was a discussion about how people can financially participate, short of “knocking on doors.”  Our meeting serves as a conduit for small donations which ultimately have impact in the aggregate.