Meeting for Business, held Sunday 3 November 2019 was opened at 9:15 with a moment of silent worship by clerk, Kahlil Gunther.  Eleven members were present. Minutes from the previous Business Meeting were approved, as posted on WMM’s website. 
Treasurer’s Report: Jack Mahon presented the treasurer’s report that listed normal operating expenses. 
Committee Reports:
Property and Finance:  Maintenance work has been done on the boiler,  but one of the two loops is currently not working. Members and attendees should leave windows alone until spring. Windows have been checked and storm windows have been closed.  P&F will meet on 7 November. 
Worship and Ministry and Education:  Committee will meet on 10 November.. They will be working on our meeting’s self portrait which will be discussed during adult first day school on that morning. 
Committee is also working on Christmas meeting as part of their discussions.
We will not have a Christmas tree this year nor a visit from Santa.  But, will decorate the meetinghouse for the Christmas season on Tuesday 3 December at 1:00 pm.
Worship sharing at
Friends Village will change to 2nd and 4th Sundays beginning in January 2020.

Woodstown by Candlelight will take place on 6 December,  beginning at 5:30 pm. WMM will once again sell coffee and other fair trade items.  Musical presentations from 6:00 until 9:00 pm. 
Christmas Eve - Hymn sing at 7:00 pm

Music at Friends:  Concerts have been announced for November and December.  Listed at  Kahlil Gunther printed out posters and made them available to members.  Martha Battisti will work on press releases for local contacts. 
Oversight:  Sally Crane reported that Sarah Tyson of Colorado has become a member. 
Thanksgiving meeting: Debbie Frazier will oversee and Jeff Gibson will provide music. 
Shirley Lock has made known her desires for her memorial service and we will keep that information on file.  It includes a list of hymn requests and also asks that Alice Waddington play piano.
Nominating committee will meet this month [edit: Wednesday 20 November]
Salem Quarter:  Mike Ayars was interviewed about the Alloway Creek Meetinghouse. The video is  posted on the Salem Quarterly Meeting site,
Meeting closed with brief worship.
Submitted by Kahlil Gunther