JUNE 2021

     Monthly meeting for business, held Sunday 06 June 2021, was opened at 9:15 with brief worship by the clerk, Sally Crane.  There were sixteen members present.  May’s minutes as posted on the website were approved.
Treasurers Report:  Jack Mahon distributed the May financial report.  Heating costs are now monthly.  New flowers and plants have been placed in the cemetery. Meetinghouse cleaning has been going well. $5,881 was reported from the Collections. 
    Colleen Prater received a letter from Ed Davis, who wished to be dropped from the Meeting’s membership as he is no longer able to attend.  He said he “is so proud” to have been raised a Quaker and to have been a part of the Meeting.  Linda Jeffrey thanked the Meeting for flowers sent to John, who is home now, but is bedridden.
Recorder’s Report:  Martha Battisti reported that birthday cards were sent to June birthdays.   Also, Get Well cards were sent.  A threshing session is needed on ideas for compiling a   monthly meeting directory.
Property and Finance:  Doug Prater is the new Clerk.  He thanked Greg Rogers for his work.   The natural gas conversion is now complete.  Charlie Haaf has fixed the burners on the stove.  Everyone expressed thanks to Charlie.  There was a budgetary discussion about creating a  more long term plan for capital expenses.  A plan was set for watering the Cemetery plants.  A painter came through the Meetinghouse to review what’s needed.  He will provide a quote and could begin work in the Fall.  Jack also had someone look at siding as an alternative to painting some areas.  He found a spot that looked like a leak on the north side.  Martha mentioned that a downspout will also be re-directed away from the neighbor’s property.  Our banner will be reset soon.  Charlie said that the parking lot will be refurbished and lines painted.   There are dead trees to come down and there was a discussion about what kind of tree as replacement.  Dan Battisti cleaned leaves out of the atrium.  
     Looking ahead -  if there is a Candlelight Tour, it will be 6 December.  It was decided that we would participate and have music.  Emily Simons has requested permission to host a Salem County Health Department small Health Fair in the Parking Lot.  Friends approved.
     Rutgers staff visited to look at our grounds as a site for a Rain Garden, and wanted to place it closer to the street.  We declined their offer, because we wanted it in a different area. 
Worship and Ministry:  “Closing” Meeting will be outdoors on 20 June.   The Battisti’s and Sally Crane will donate ice cream and  toppings.

Oversight:  List of Benevolences was distributed by Jeff Gibson.  There will be more funding available as the year goes on.   Some support will go to De-mining, New Beginnings, Quaker causes and local organizations.   Additionally we decided to contribute  this year towards environmental stewardship, so we are contributing  to  the Wetlands Institute.
     Andrea Dominic and Shannon Mullaney  have requested to become members of our Meeting.  Their request is underway by the Committee.
Strawberry Supper:  Marie Haaf is so pleased that we managed to do the take-out version of the Strawberry Supper this year.   $5,400 gross was received, as all tickets sold.   $3,259 was total net.  There was a round of applause.   It was well done; from parking to greeting people, to packaging of the suppers (and such generous portions !).
New Business
    Will there be have a Peace & Justice booth at the Salem County Fair?  Sally will contact Priscilla Lamont about it.  We can support any costs, like parking  and/or ad in Fair Book. 
     Carol Osborn is in the hospital. She is being transferred from Cooper Hospital to a special care unit in St Francis Hospital in Wilmington.  Donna Gibson visited her and gave a fuller report.   Friends have been trying to support Sam, and are concerned about how to assist him.    
    Shirley Lock  went to the ER last week, but she is  feeling better now.   Donna asked about worship sharing at Friends Village, but it is still very restricted.
     Jim Tyson is also in Inspira Hospital in Vineland for observation. 
   A local scout troop requested information for a Religious Emblem Award for their scoutmaster.  Charlie will respond informing them that their nominee is not a “recorded Friend” of WMM and would therefore be ineligible.   
Today 6 June, there is a Music at Friends concert at 2PM and Friends School graduation Meeting for Worship will gather at 4:30PM
     Mike Ayers will be presenting a Zoom report on Palestine at the 13 June Quarterly Meeting , that will be our First Day School 
     2nd Sunday in September is also Salem Quarterly meeting.  Shall we have Meeting for Business on Labor Day weekend?  No decision was made.   “Opening” Meeting will be 19 September with First Day School starting on 26 September. 
     Meeting ended with a moment of silent worship.

​Submitted by Terry Ragone, Recording Clerk