APRIL 2021

     Monthly Meeting for Business, held Sunday 11 April 2021, was opened by the clerk, Sally Crane, at 9:20 AM with a brief period of worship.  There were fourteen members present.  The minutes of March’s meeting were approved, as they had been posted on the webpage.
Treasurer’s report:  Jack Mahon said that a second covenant payment was made to PYM and, in answer to a question, our heating bill seems a little lower this winter.
Recorder:  Martha Battisiti presented a draft of a pamphlet she compiled with members’ contact information and birthdates, committee lists, and meeting events.  After thanking Martha for this effort Friends agreed that it should be sent annually with calendars.  
Property and Finance: Charlie Haaf reported that gas stoves are operational. Large refrigerator will be maintenanced before the supper.  When the meetinghouse is to be rented, Property & Finance members will be alerted by the clerk and have a presence.  The clerk will be maintaining the calendar for the annex.

Oversight met for initial discussion of benevolences.  Jeff Gibson reviewed past giving and encouraged suggestions for this year’s giving.  Martha Battisiti suggested Citizens United, an environmental group, whose work is consistent with our Stewardship testimony.  

Mike Ayars and Jeff will meet with Andrea Dominic about membership this week.  Mike Wilson was thanked for his delivery and procurement of Easter flowers.

​​Music at Friends: A concert with John Flynn will be Zoomed this evening at 7pm.  The next concert will be the Rob Roy Duo, Zoomed 23 May at 2pm.
Strawberry Supper:  Martha reported on advertising and ticket sales for the Strawberry Supper scheduled for 22 May.  Tickets will be $18 and all dinners will be take outs, delivered to cars in the parking lot.  Marie Haaf reported on food ordering and plans for take-out operation.  Jack will send a work sign up sheet soon.
New Business
The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions [ANJEC] has approached the meeting about establishing a rain garden on the meetinghouse grounds.  Dan and Martha Battisti will follow up with their representative. 
     Oak Singers were approved to  rehearse in the meetinghouse under the direction of Kahlil Gunther 13 & 27 April, and 11 May, from 7-8:30 pm.
     The next Business Meeting will be at 9:15am on Sunday 2 May.

Submitted by Sally Crane, Clerk