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Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


   The final benevolences for 2019 were presented. In addition to the printed report, we agreed to add a $50 donation to the ARC of Salem County under the category of “local and regional”.  We also confirmed after discussion our donation of $5,000 to American Legion Ambulance.

   Strawberry Supper  The supper was a success. Turnout for the parts of preparations was excellent this year. In addition to Friends, attenders and community members, there was excellent turn-out from the ambulance association as well as Boy Scout Troop 33 (Sharptown). 

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Four Years Ago

From Monthly Meeting for Business, June 2014


Friends declared the supper a success and minuted the following. Special thanks and appreciation to Marie, Charlie, & Casey for their direction and organization. These remarks from Angela Fisher: "GREAT JOB. It is not the only time that Friends come together to help our community, but it is a knockout when it does occur. What an accomplishment!"

   Total dinners came to 521, including take-outs and helpers, Proceeds amounted to $5100.