Thirteen Years Ago

From the Minutes, November 2006  

   "The essence of intimacy between persons is a matter of love, tenderness, fidelity, and commitment. As  a monthly meeting, we reach out in loving support to those who ask for help in achieving and maintaining these qualities in their relationship...

   We believe it is consistent with Friends' historical faith and testimonies to adopt and practice a single standard for all committed relationships that are under our care... 

  We believe that because such a partnership is a spiritual union, it is appropriately recognized at an appointed meeting for worship among friends, and within the presence and moving of the Spirit...

   We recognize this meeting for the couple and the certificate signed during that meeting as the only necessary public expression of the union. The event shall be recorded in the Meeting records as is customary."



Monthly Meeting

​of Friends

 ​​NEWS BLOG​: November

    Worship and Ministry and Education will be working on our meeting’s self portrait which will be discussed during adult first day school on Sunday 10 November. 
    Committee is also working on Christmas meeting as part of their discussions.
We will not have a Christmas tree this year nor a visit from Santa.  But, will decorate the meetinghouse for the Christmas season on Tuesday 3 December at 1:00 pm.
    Worship sharing at Friends Village will change to 2nd and 4th Sundays beginning in January 2020.
    Woodstown by Candlelight will take place on 6 December,  beginning at 5:30 pm. WMM will once again sell coffee and other fair trade items.  Musical presentations from 6:00 until 9:00 pm. 
    Christmas Eve - Hymn sing at 7:00 pm


Read the notes from the Business Meeting 

in November