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  the Business Meeting 

  held in May 2022

Looking back -- Six Years Ago

​Meeting for Business -- Sunday 3 April 2016

     Kahlil Gunther, clerked the meeting. He said he was looking forward to our first Music At Friends concert that evening and invited everyone.

     Concerning the cemetery, there was a discussion about the [newly digitized]  cemetery records.  They are not public but have been shared with the County Historical Society.  Jack Mahon said anyone can inquire about the records.  Kahlil said this history is fascinating.  The [original] books are also housed at the Friends Historical Library in Swarthmore PA.




Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


​     Martha Battisti  inquired about reviving our Potlucks at the rise of Meeting for Worship.  Previously they were planned for the 1st Sunday of the month when there is a quarterly meeting.  Friends seemed to want to start this social in-person activity again and will do so in September.

Music At Friends:
An email was received from Evan Shea who performed at MAF on April 10 with Jeff Nowmos.
 “It is a special occasion to have people sit quietly and really listen, compared to playing restaurants, dance clubs etc.  Talking with people afterwards made further connections, including some very touching conversations… We certainly felt artistic satisfaction, being able to express our musical selves in a most personal way….”