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  the Business Meeting 

  held in June 2022

Looking back -- Six Years Ago

​Meeting for Business -- Sunday 5 June 2016

Angela Fisher reported on the Strawberry Supper:
     "It is remarkable how each year everyone comes together and focuses on raising money
through the Strawberry Supper.  Even though I should not be the one to congratulate all of you for your outstanding efforts, I have been given that gracious gift and love every moment.
     This year the supper sales were slow but the increase in ticket prices made up for that loss 
and catapulted our profits from $5,120.00 last year to $5,300.00 this year.
     This is one of our opportunities to invite our neighbors into Monthly Meeting and the feedback
is always positive.  I feel like I am walking on a cloud by the end of the evening."




Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


​     Our yard sale will be 25 June from 9-2. It will be indoors in the annex.  We will advertise in the normal spots as well as the yard sale sites, and our sandwich board out front.  Put your items in  the back kitchen.  Proceeds will go to the treasurer for winter heating.  Casey Palmer has someone who will take whatever is left. 

Music At Friends:
An email was received from Evan Shea who performed at MAF on April 10 with Jeff Nowmos.
 “It is a special occasion to have people sit quietly and really listen, compared to playing restaurants, dance clubs etc.  Talking with people afterwards made further connections, including some very touching conversations… We certainly felt artistic satisfaction, being able to express our musical selves in a most personal way….”