Looking back -- Six Years Ago

     Monthly Meeting for Business, held Sunday 1 November 2015, was opened by Assistant Clerk Kahlil Gunther. Fifteen Friends were present. Kahlil shared his thoughts about pumpkins….the ways we chose a pumpkin expresses our individuality and how each has such potential for transformation.

     Sally Crane commented on the history of the First Thanksgiving, which surfaced when she visited Plymouth Plantation. There was a discussion about the focus of Thanksgiving around the colonizing of the “new world” in relation to native peoples here.  How should we be celebrating?  What about freedoms the Pilgrims were seeking? It was thought that taking time to be thankful for blessings, family, health and a peaceful life is good. But still we need to be cognizant of all the troubles of the world, war, immigrant crisis, poverty and other inequities.   So come and be thankful... keep it in context. 




Monthly Meeting

​of Friends

 ​​NEWS BLOG​: November

​      Worship Ministry & Education is going to meet to plan Christmas program for 19 December. 
     The recent First Day School class on Outreach and the future of Quakerism, led by Dan Battisti, was exceptional.  We will continue that discussion in coming First Day School classes. 
     There will be a social time with finger food, coffee, & cider at the rise of the Thanksgiving Meeting for Worship, 21 November.

   Jeff Gibson reported that the Committee of Oversight discussed how to be sensitive and supportive to those who have health issues...  about residents at Friends at Friends Village and elsewhere.  Generally it was felt that our community remains concerned for everyone’s well being.

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held in November 2021