Read the notes from the Business Meeting 

held in June 2021

Four and a half Years Ago

   (Monthly meeting for business, held Sunday 5 February 2017)

      Clerk of Oversight, Sally Crane reported Sophie Ragone has been in touch regarding her and Brad Gibson's wedding in June.  Sally Sakewicz and Debby Frazier are arranging to meet with the couple, regarding clearness. 

      Casey Palmer, clerk of Property & Finance, reports that the subdivision of #1 Marlton has been approved at the Planning Committee meeting and is almost final. 

       Music at Friends is presenting "Home Cookin' Bluegrass" a traditional country and bluegrass group on 23 April.




Monthly Meeting

​of Friends

 ​​NEWS BLOG​: June

Strawberry Supper: 

       Marie Haaf is so pleased that we managed to do the take-out version of the Strawberry Supper this year.   $5,400 gross was received, as all tickets sold.   $3,259 was total net.  There was a round of applause.  It was well done; from parking to greeting people, to packaging of the suppers (and such generous portions!).

     A list of Benevolences was distributed by Jeff Gibson.  There will be more funding available as the year goes on.   Some support will go to De-mining, New Beginnings, Quaker causes and local organizations.   Additionally we decided to contribute  this year towards environmental stewardship, so we are contributing  to  the Wetlands Institute.