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Three Years Ago

From Monthly Meeting for Business June 2014


   "Sunday School closing meeting will be on Father's Day. There will be strawberry shortcake and ice cream for all[!] at the rise of Meeting for Worship"

From the Treasurer's report:

​   "Mowing expense is paid for by income from the cemetery fund. Woodstown Meeting [and PYM] will now accept credit card donations on-line. American flags were placed by the Boy Scouts in all the cemeteries in Woodstown for Memorial Day, including the Friends Cemetery, as there are a number of veterans buried there."



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Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


   Treasurer’s report: A reminder that as of last business meeting, our new collector is Colleen Prater,134 E. Dickinson Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098.
   MINUTE:  The Meeting wishes to thank Casey Palmer for her dedicated work as Collector for our Meeting.

   Chris Mahon announced that the adult class June 11 will be about Meeting For Worship.  Attendance at meeting for worship is low, so the committee is interested in holding a conversation about incentives for attending.  The is part of our ongoing initiative of revitalizing our Meeting.  There was a discussion about how other Meetings function.  The last Sunday of every month used to be  “First Day Family Go To Meeting.”  Intergenerational meetings are excellent.  Colleen Prater has been leading those sessions.  We want to reach out to more young people.  There was a discussion about having First Day School for young people during Meeting for Worship.
  MINUTE:  Special appreciation and gratitude to Gabby Frisone for her participation in our Meeting, First Day School, Strawberry Supper, Music At Friends and so much more.  We are sorry to see her leave our community, as she is moving to Philadelphia.  We wish her and her husband well in their new jobs, study and community.