Twelve Years Ago

From the Minutes, June 2007  

  The Committee of Oversight recommended the approval of the marriage between Brendan Mahon and Ann Helfant. There will be an "official conference" soon.

     Linda Jeffrey made a report on the Iraqi family who is attemptimg to immigrate to the U.S.  Priscilla Lamont has located an immigration attorney who will work with the husband to attain status as an "Alien of Extraordinary Ability." The cost for this legal work is estimated at $8000, of which $2500 had already been donated.  Linda requested that an account for these funds be created which could be distributed as necessary by the treasurer. Friends agreed that the need was pressing and, following comments by the treasurer, the matter was approved. 



Monthly Meeting

​of Friends

 ​​NEWS BLOG​: June

  We will serve as host to the Salem County History Roundtable on Wednesday 26 June.

   Our Strawberry Supper on 18 May was very successful, raising over $5000.  Our current policy is that supper proceeds be used locally, either to support local charities, non-profits, or benevolent activities directly supported by our members.


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