Three Years Ago

From the Minutes, September 2016  

Minute:  For Gladys Pettit   
     On behalf of Woodstown meeting, we want to thank you for your years of service on behalf of the Quaker residents of Friends Village. You kept your volunteers active and engaged, and you were always flexible, working around our availability. 
      We’d like you to know that the meeting’s Worship & Ministry committee will return to managing the schedule of those participating in the meeting for worship at the Village. 
    Working together, Woodstown Meeting, Friends Foundation, and the Friends Village Quakers are working together to make the new Meeting room more welcome and inviting.  
      Woodstown Meeting minutes its appreciation for your spiritual leading with our Friends Village Quakers and with our Meeting. 

                                 -- Clerk, Mike Ayars



Monthly Meeting

​of Friends

 ​​NEWS BLOG​: September

  Calendar [which is is missing Music At Friends dates] 
currently has these dates
Sept 15  Opening meeting 
Sept 22  First Day School begins
Sept 28  Lamonts are hosting a  Peace Table at Woodstown Fall Festival 
Sept 29   Pot Luck 5:30 PM  next Pot Luck in March
Oct  6 Meeting for Business
Nov 3  Meeting for Business
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Meeting 
Dec 1   Meeting for  Business
Dec 8 Quarterly Meeting [in Salem]
Dec 15 Rehearse and decorate for 
Dec 22 Christmas Program -- Clerk will email Sarah Spina about organizing Christmas Program
Dec 24 Christmas Eve program     
Dec 29 No First Day School . 


Read the notes from the Business Meeting 

in September