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    Bob Foulks has passed away. He was living in California but had been an active member of our Meeting for years. His wife, Marge Foulks, will be visiting our area this Spring. Donna Gibson will keep in touch with her.  In the meantime, we gratefully acknowledge his contribution to our community and hold Marge in the Light.    

 During the month of December, there is an opportunity for Woodstown Friends and Friends of Friends to support small farmers with the purchase of a well-priced Equal Exchange holiday gifts of coffee, tea, and delicious chocolate starting at $3. Proceeds from the products, which have been purchased and donated to the Meeting by several Woodstown Friends, will support our Humanitarian Demining Program.

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Three Years Ago

From Monthly Meeting for Business, December 2014


   "We received a very nice thank-you letter from the Disciples Pantry for our continuing donations to the food pantry. Assistant Treasurer, Heidi Bower, shared the monthly meeting's receipts and expenses with appreciation for the amount sent in to the Collector by members."