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   The committee planning the annual strawberry supper has decided to partner with Woodstown's American Legion Ambulance. Proceeds from this year's event will go to the ambulance association as they continue to recover from the devastating fire at their headquarter in February.

    Bob Foulks has passed away. He was living in California but had been an active member of our Meeting for years. Marge Foulks will be visiting our area this Spring and a memorial service is planned for 13 May. We continue to hold Marge in the Light.    

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Four Years Ago

From Monthly Meeting for Business, March 2014


   Marie Haaf reported for the Annex Committee. Our kitchen is approved by the Salem County Health Department and the sanitation report is posted in the kitchen. Hand washing is the key to keep everyone safe. Our dishwashing process is to have a wash sink, rinse sink, and sanitizing rinse, followed by, preferably, air-drying.