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  the Business Meeting 

  held in November 2022

Looking back -- Thirteen Years Ago

​Meeting for Business - Sunday 13 September 2009

   "We will form a support group for Kareem Al-Obaidi's family.  It's taken 2 1/2 years but the family has been notified by the State Department that they have been approved for visas to enter the U.S... Kareem and his wife, with a daughter and two sons will live in the apartment above Linda Jeffrey's office... We've had a wonderful flurry of activity about beds and furniture.  Rowan University is offering a full scholarship to daughter, Demah, and oldest son, Abdullah.  Friends School Mullica Hill is still offering a spot to the youngest son, Mogi... We need to build that support network, as well as transportation."




Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


​  Martha Battisti and Marie Haaf commented on Outreach.   The Woodstown By Candlelight Tour will be Friday 2 December from  4-9PM.  Marie hopes that we get some visitors since there’s so much going on, including train rides.   The Meetinghouse is listed in the tour booklet for free parking and restrooms, but we will also have music and our free trade goods for sale.  The Meetinghouse will be decorated for Christmas, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

   The Meeting was able to purchase another  pair of mine detectors from Shonstedt.   This is due in part to donors far and wide – and locally –  who have continued their giving. Selling our free trade products adds to contributions.  An article in Friends Journal also has raised awareness of this de-mining effort.  There was a discussion about how people can financially participate, short of “knocking on doors.”  Our meeting serves as a conduit for small donations which ultimately have impact in the aggregate.