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Three Years Ago

From Monthly Meeting for Business, October 2014


   "From Oversight: Calendars have been ordered. Thanksgiving meeting is planned and will include information from the Indian Committee."

​   "From Worship & Ministry: The committee is working on items related to welcoming new members."

   "From Property & Finance: Casey Palmer met with the Woodstown building inspector at #1 Marlton. All was in order except for smoke detectors. Charlie Haaf will take care of replacing them."



Archived minutes


Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


  We received thank you notes from Disciples Food Pantry;  the Kramme family for support surrounding Dorothy Kramme’s memorial service; the Praters, Leila Bishop, and Taylor Sperry for educational grants; Mike Ayars for support for his visit to Palestine; and from Andrew Anderson, treasurer  at PYM, thanking for covenant payments, plus information about programs and the updated Faith and Practice.

   Sally Crane reported that Oversight will be meeting in October to plan for Thanksgiving meeting, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving meeting will be on 11/19. There will be no FDS on 11/26.

   Mike Ayars will be speak about his trip to Israel and Palestine on November 12 and December 10.