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  the Business Meeting 

  held in March 2023

Looking back -- Six Years Ago

​Meeting for Business - Sunday 5 March 2017

From the Property & Finance report

     The property subdivision of 1 Marlton has been approved and recorded with the borough of Woodstown. It still needs appraisal before it can be listed for sale. The committee will make those arrangements in the spring. It was agreed that the committee would seek to list the property with a realtor before the end of July or August but would in the meantime also entertain offers from private investors. To that end, the Meeting has entrusted the Property and Finance committee to first be stewards of this property resource in a way that is beneficial to the meeting as a whole while at the same time managing the sale in a way that is sensitive to the situation of the current residents.

And five years ago, Sunday 4 March 2018

     The committee worked with realtor Tom Hollinger and have reduced the asking price of 1 Marlton. In addition, the committee has worked with the borough to lower the incorrect taxes at 1 Marlton beginning in August, 2018.



Monthly Meeting

​of Friends


Hospitality: Marie Haaf said desserts and bread are still needed for the Quarterly Meeting.  There are four soups including a vegan one.   There will also be coffee with muffins or some small buns for Coffee Time. 
9AM Coffee 
9:30  Meeting for Worship
10:30 Meeting for Business
11:30 Lunch 
1PM Program - Bobby Trice  “Engaging those who don’t agree with you”

There was a discussion about the Strawberry Supper.  It was suggested that we lay down the annual Supper, since we do not have members to organize and run it.  Its original purpose was also to bring our Meeting members together, as well as raise money for benevolences.  In addition, it is now costly since prices for berries, rhubarb and other supplies are expensive. 
     We can always start up again. How can we raise money for Benevolences?  We still have a substantial amount of funds from our investments to contribute to Benevolences. 
Friends approved of laying down the Supper this year.